Color Tools for Design

Some tools that make our life easier when working with Color. Choosing, composing, comparing, refining color palettes or testing them for Accessibility.

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A curated list of Design Newsletters

Design and related (UX, UI, Front-end, Typography, Product Design) Newsletters that we usually read, alphabetically ordered. This post will be on constant update, as we're adding new ones regularly to our feeds.

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Design for Management

If we are guided by the definition of the Encyclopedia, to establish a basis: Design is "an activity aimed at achieving the production of useful and beautiful objects that seeks to act on the physical environment of man in order to improve it as a whole ".

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In Search of the Perfect Briefing

A creative briefing should be a complete, useful, detailed and well-explained material that will allow us to make a faithful idea of ​​what the client expects from us. It is the orderly, strategic and creative selection of the data that will allow you to define the objectives. In addition to informational, the briefing should be inspiring: not only explain, also suggest.

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