1. Brief & Deliverables
2. Information Architecture
3. Upgrading the Brand
4. Website Design & Development


Brief —
Mediterrània is the main network school teaching Irish Dance and English in southern Europe, linked to the Irish World Academy of the University of Limerick and present throughout Catalonia in different locations. After the growth of their business in recent years, they needed to take a step forward, specially online, enhancing the brand and offering a website that would not only facilitate the new registrations but also streamline the internal management of the school and enhance different aspects, in addition to communicating their services properly.

We delivered —
Brand analysis & upgrade, strategy consulting, information architecture, website design and build, social media consulting.

Information Architecture —

Systematizing and organizing to achieve goals.

The Information Architecture stage was especially relevant, since it was a point to which no attention had been paid in the past, as the staff of the Customer had been adding up pages & spaces "on the go" and the navigation and content presentation at that previous website was complex and incoherent, posing a real challenge to the User.

We collected all the existing materials, analyzed them, made research and worked on to conclude by agreeing with the Customer on a "basic" global structure that will simplify navigation as much as possible, obtaining a distribution of contents that focused on the relevant spaces and would bring us closer to the defined objectives.


Upgrading the Brand —

Giving the brand new tools for its new strategic target: the digital environment.

Although by express request of the client we must maintain the existing visual brand, we performed and exercise to analyze, research and define new resources, with the aim of reworking the identity and also facilitating new solutions and formats.

A much modern and appealing serif/sans font pairing than the one they had before and a minimalistic color palette based on a shade of green that's directly related to the Irish essence of the project helps us position the brand within its new context.


Website Design & Development—

A clear, simple, well structured website to hold all the content together in a coherent way.

We worked to get a very visual, modern and colorful platform, given the type of content to be displayed and its target audience. We stablished as one of our priorities to give great importance to the images, not only to "go along" the text but to establish the visual tone, a mood related to the values of the school and the whole website look & feel.

The layout in the key content pages was card based, with each piece acting as an entry point to more detailed information. We find this a great solution to display the courses, workshops and activites in well structured pages. The interaction and navigation patterns were designed to be as simple as possible, suitable for any type of User.

The website runs on WordPress as CMS, fine-tuned and customized to their needs, to facilitate the administration by the Customer, now able to add new courses or workshops, write their News and intervene in each space quickly and in an agile way. It is optimized for mobile users (RWD) and also integrates the Social Media presence of the brand.