1. Brief & Deliverables
2. Designing the Visual Brand
3. Website / App Design 
4. Switching between B2C & B2B


Brief —
Bookeat is a new startup from Barcelona focused on last minute restaurant reservations with two features that distinguish it: you can only find establishments of medium-high quality and, the most important, you can not book more than one day in advance. They needed a visual brand process and the design of its core platforms, a website and an app, aiming at two targets, B2C (users) & B2C (restaurant owners), that we did partnering with Mortensen.

We delivered —
Brand consultancy, visual brand & system design, art direction, website design, app design.

Brand —

A fresh, vibrant look for a young startup.

We aimed for something recognizable, immediately associated with gastronomy & restaurants, with a professional tone but not excessively formal. The typographic & color palette choosen helped us set this look & feel. Also, we designed a version of the logotype to work as an "icon" for covering different needs.


Website/App Design —

Focusing on what's important.

We conceptualized the website/app as very visual, modern and colorful platforms, given the type of content to be displayed and its target audience. One of our priorities was giving great importance to the images, to set the visual tone and also help the project to differentiate itself amongst its competitors.


Switching between B2C & B2B —

A specific visual brand and system adapted for a specific target, the professionals.

For the Professional Space of the brand, focused on restaurant owners and its relationship with Bookeat (B2B), we introduced an alternative version of the brand, switching to a specific color palette, both for the visual brand and for the web/app sections, with a dark blue as a main color, to keep consistency and focus on this specific target, with a more formal tone.


The results —

A great reception, good prospect for the future.

The project had a great reception, obtaining more than two thousand downloads of the app in the different platforms, with really great ratings, several mentions in specialized and general press, they are partnering with the Gremi de Restauració de Barcelona and they now count more than three hundred restaurants participating in the platform.