Digital experiences that transform Brands & Businesses

Digital experiences that transform Brands & Businesses

We're mmx studio, a digital creative studio from Girona.
Since 2010 we focus on  Branding, Design and Development, adding value to brands, companies, startup or institutions, through the application of innovative concepts.

Welcome to mmx studio, a digital creative studio from Girona. Founded in 2010, we focus on  Branding, Design and Development.

How can we help you? —

Customized services for unique projects. We love what we do.

Services. We love what we do.

Creative Direction

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity

Graphic Design
Art Direction
Identity Design
Editorial Design

Digital Design
UX User Experience

UI User Interface
Interaction Design 
App (iOS/Android)

Full-Stack Development
Bespoke Development

CMS (WordPress, Drupal)
E-Commerce (Magento, Woo)
App (iOS/Android)

Our Manifesto —

Design is the answer. We seek beauty & utility to obtain results, always keeping it simple.

Design is the answer. Beauty & utility, keeping it simple.

We design for People, balancing form and function to obtain enjoyable, understandable and useful products. We believe the right solution can mean not only the achievement of objectives, but also a generation of ideas, opportunities and new scenarios.  

Our approach is honest, independent and collaborative. We seek a close relationship with our Clients as the way to make things happen: we need to know more about you, understand your brand, values and motivations, as well as your users, so we can help you.

Our Method —

From discovery to delivery.
This is how we do it, step by step.

Step by step.
This is how we do it.

01 — Discovery
Investigate context, competitors and Brand environment.  Know more about the users and its needs. Analyze & plan.

02 — Design
Generate ideas and concepts, in different stages and shapes needed. Bring together diferent perspectives. Go beyond.

03 — Build
Develop the selected idea that meet the requirements both at  strategic and operational level.  Test & feedback.

04 — Implementation
Deliver or implement an optimized product that meets the project requirements.

Case Studies —

Meaningful projects for selected Clients. Some of our work.

Meaningful projects for selected Clients.

Contact —

Let's explore new territories together.

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